GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack

The smarter revision option.

  • Flexible, personalised & targeted
  • Freephone Teacher Helpline 6 Days a Week
  • Subscribe for only £45/month
  • 24/7 access to more than 175 Lessons

StudySmart revision mode

Use the PowerPack™ initial assessment to identify areas of weakness and create an individual personalised study plan.

StudyTopix revision mode

Topic by topic revision – search your PowerPack™ library for any topic and find all the lessons relevant to that topic.

StudyMax revision mode

Full revision programme – using the PowerPack™ library to cover all lessons and be sure that everything has been revised.

Give your child the confidence to succeed!

All the content needed

Each GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack contains more than 175 lessons, matched to the exam board and level of your child’s GCSE syllabus.

Subscription cost

Subscribe for only £45 a month and after 12-months of continued subscription payments, your monthly payments end and you get unlimited, open-ended access to our GCSE-Powerpack for FREE, so your other children can also make use of it when they get to their GCSE’s!

Cash price

Purchase our GCSE-Powerpack for £ 350 and own it with unlimited, open-ended access, so your other children can also make use of it when they get to their GCSE’s!

Involving & informing parents

The GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack gives parents powerful tools to help their children with their GCSE Maths revision.

We don’t just support your kids’ GCSE maths revision, you will be regularly informed about their progress, to help you keep them motivated.


Personalised study plan

Our initial assessment identifies weaknesses and creates a custom, structured study plan that encourages success and builds your child's confidence.

Live teacher support

Our 0800 Teacher Helpline is available, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, to ensure no question goes unanswered with their GCSE Maths Revision.

Home based

Home based and always available at times to suit the student, not the tutor. Students work at their own pace.

Fully aligned to major exam boards

Choose your personalised course that is aligned to the OCR, AQA, EdExcel or WJEC exam Boards, ensuring consistency for your child.